Play Happy Wheels Demo from Browser

Play Happy Wheels Demo from Browser

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The Happy Wheels demo is another interesting game that has recently hit the internet. It’s one of the most addictive and intriguing games you will have come across in recent times. The below review has all you have to know about this latest game. It’s one of the rare games that give you the pleasure of seeing yourself losing than winning. You will definitely like each and every part of the game. In this online game, every level has its own unique goal. However, the objectives of every level are similar, have different modes and levels. This means you have to travel to the aim with your characters alive. Found it to be interesting? Well, there is more for you. In case you thought to go to your own objective is quite easy, well, it is not. In order to go to your objectives, you have to avoid the obstacles and hazards. This is one of the many interesting aspects of this online game that keeps you hooked into the game.

Playing the Game

As earlier outlined, this is an online game where the users’ imaginations have been permitted to run riot while the unexpected happens. From the dinosaurs eating you up to riding subway trains into a McDonald’s; basically anything that you’ve ever imagined is probably on a certain level somewhere. In case it’s not, you can then create one by yourself on the following site.

Game play

The aim of this game is to reach the end of the levels. This can involve making it through or it can involve activating various game triggers successfully. These range from pressing the buttons to throwing objects to the right place. You have to avoid the various falls, traps and any deadly obstacles on your way. You should expect to die a dreadfully lot.


The demo version of Happy Wheels has tons of levels that have been created by users. The levels of sophistication vary widely from the very basic to some levels that designers have spent hundreds of hours while creating. With artwork, custom behavior and new characters,
the creation of levels is one of the major appeals of this game and you should certainly give it a go.


Use Arrow Keys to lean right or left and to go I reverse or forward. The Spacebar performs the main actions of the characters, Shift and Ctrl buttons perform the other actions while Z shall eject you from the vehicle.


This flash game has its own kind of characters such as the mopped couple, Wheelchair guy, the lawnmower guy, and many more. Each character has its own kind of action. Overall, Happy Wheels is among the most amusing games that offer you lots of action. Now that the game review has given you almost all the insight into this online game. What are you then waiting for? Get up and begin playing now!

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Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES (Zombies and American football)

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Return Man 2 – ZOMBIESIf playing football is your game and dealing with zombies is your aim, then Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is for you. This game is actually a remake of the usual Return Man 2 game, except for the fact that you are going to deal with zombies instead of the human players that you are used to.

What is the Aim of the Game?

Well, you don’t have to worry since it’s still the same, all you have to do is to run through the ball all the way to field, and then at the finish point. However, you just have to be careful because if a zombie hit you, then you’ll die. It sure does sound interesting, right?

What are the Controls of the Game?

You will need tabs; J for left, K for backwards, L for left, and I for forward, or you can use the arrow keys instead. You will need tabs; J for left, K for backwards, L for left, and I for forward, or you can use the arrow keys instead. For the special moves, they’re controlled by A, D, and S.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to get some extra possessions and special moves that can help you fight those zombies in this addicting game( of Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES.

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Impossible Quiz 5 – Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3

Impossible Quiz 5 – Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3

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Impossible Quiz 5 is a must-have for anyone who loves this interesting yet challenging series. It is a maze question that requires skill and intelligence. This game will undoubtedly give you tons of experience since it has a set of questions with variable difficulty levels.

Impossible Quiz 5The instructions applicable to the game:
As a player, you have to move the cursor to a red dot on the screen to bring forth a message instructing you not to touch blue. There is also one sad face and another happy one coupled with arrows indicating the goal and start buttons. A player should then move the mouse over a second red dot while being careful not to touch the blue section of the screen.

Crossing over to the red dot with the cursor not touching the blue sections is quite a challenging task. However, a major useful tip is moving the cursor away from the screen because the screen boundary is connected via free space. You also need to move around the maze to gain entry to space with a second dot joined to the screen’s edge. You should then move on by clicking the dot.

Another alternative way of getting through the maze of Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 is by clicking and holding the left button of your mouse and then letting the cursor move to the target side without releasing the button. Once you are on the target side, release the button. The maze can also be navigated through by right-clicking your mouse followed by the movement of your cursor to the right side. To close the opened menu, click twice on the left mouse button and move on by pressing the red button.

impossible quiz challenge

Controls of the game:

The mouse is one of the controls of the Impossible Quiz 5. By clicking on its button, you can move the cursor to the target side of the game. The keyboard can also be used as the control by simply pressing specific key combinations. For instance, moving to the maze can be achieved by pressing the control, shift, and numerical four keys.
This popular quiz game is certainly addictive and engaging.


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Play Return Man 2 Online - masterpiece from ESPN Arcade

Play Return Man 2 Online – masterpiece from ESPN Arcade

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Return Man 2This is an interesting game that is categorized as a flash game. It is made with amazing graphics and this makes it a wonderful game to play.

Since the game is about American Football, the main objective is to run and get the end of the field holding the ball. At the same time, the player should avoid hitting defenders by use of team members to shield you against the opponents. There are several levels of the game and it is easy at the start but as the levels go high, more defenders are present to hinder you from achieving the goal. Therefore, the player has to be creative before making any move. The player gains special moves as they progress up the levels.

You may also play new trending puzzle game called Cubis 2. Game is free to play and can be found at

To Control players in Return Man 2 game, the following buttons are used:
[I] is used to Run Forward,
[K] is used to run backward while
[J] and [L] are used to run Left and Right respectively.
The [M] button is used to mute while the space-bar is used to continue playing.
To use the special moves, buttons [A], [S] and [D] are used.


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Today’s trending from SeaNanners Gaming Channel

Posted on April 1, 2018  in Category, Fighting, Online gaming

Here you go another masterpiece from SeaNanners Gaming Channel, detailed guide of PROP HUNT! (it is one of the mods of Call of Duty WW2 if you don’t know). Check this video guide to learn all important details which you need to know, plus keep in mind if leveling up is your main concern, in this case PROP HUNT! is perfect solution for you since it gives tons of EXP and it’s also very fun and entertaining.


Alright, it is time to vote! Select your favorite COD WW2 MOD here, lets see what you prefer ?
2 Vote
1 Vote
Prop Hunt
11 Vote
Search and destroy
3 Vote
Free for all
8 Vote

And another trending HTML5 game today is Paper io 3 which is free to play and can be found at

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Impossible Quiz 2

Posted on March 19, 2018  in Category, How to play, Mind, Objective, Online gaming, Quiz & Puzzle, Read info, Strategy

It is also quite impossible to beat.

As with all the games in Slapp-Me-Do’s Impossible Quiz series, The Impossible Quiz 2 combines funky cartoon graphics with fun sound effects, laugh out loud funny answers, and mind-blowing trick questions that will have you scratching your head and guffawing aloud all at once. The game, as you know, is free to play on at an official blog. Players who are familiar with Slapp-Me-Do’s past work will see this second installation as a true accomplishment. All the quirkiness, randomness, and impossibility that made the first Impossible Quiz so addicting prevails in this sequel game, but the difficulty level gets ramped up, making things all the more fun.

the best quiz puzzle game for youThe Impossible Quiz 2 game follows the formula of a questionnaire quiz game comprised of 110 insanely difficult questions. Each “question” presents you with a query or a task, followed by clickable options. But be warned: things are never as they seem. The questions are often riddled with puns, wrought with double or triple meanings, and then, just when you least expect it, deceptively obvious. Slapp-Me-Do reels you in by encouraging you to think outside the box and keep up with his fast-paced, rapid-fire quirky question game!

The rules of The Impossible Quiz 2 are very straightforward: you start with 3 lives, and 1 one with each mistake you make. Lose them all and lose the game; find success and gain lives. As the game progresses, your successes will win you Skips. Skips are green arrow-shaped power-ups that let you skip over particularly challenging questions. Due to the game’s hilariously insane level of difficulty, you will be tempted to use all your skips at once, but be wary: you definitely want to save a few for the particularly impossible questions that lurk at the end of the game! As you advance onward in the quiz, also be on the lookout for bombs hiding within certain questions. These bad boys have timers on them ranging from 1 to 11 seconds, and if you fail to answer a question before they explode, it’s an instant game over!

Zany, ridiculous, and insanely addictive, The Impossible Quiz 2 will keep you entertained for hours to come. What are you waiting for? Prove your genius and play this impossibly awesome game today! – Awesome bike game with action and thrill!




You will stick on to “Stick RPG 2” if you are a gamer

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Stick RPG 2 is an interesting game developed by XGen Studios and released on April 19, 2011, this game belongs to free to play category and if you are interested to visit official site. It suits you if you love exploring the world, improving yourself, collecting inter-dimensional items or becoming rich. And the choice is up to you. You can enjoy the game even if you did not play its first version. Initial instructions to play the game:

In the game, we enter into an interesting city where the player can work either full time or can apply for a part-time job to earn. He can also eat,drink,sleep,gamble,train,fight,study,quest and invest. Stick RPG 2The player after gaining enough strength can also date with a girl and in order to gain strength he should do the gym or learn boxing. Some important instructions to the player are: (a)To remember where his basement apartment is, to sleep until he finds a new place. (b)To meet strength requirements in order to fight some NPCs. He can also collect trans-dimensional artifacts which are mysterious and solve the mysteries. Controls of the game: The game controls are very easy to understand and use. The “arrow keys or WASD ” are used to move the character in the required direction, “shift key” is used to run or use skateboard but in order to use a skateboard you should acquire it, “I” is used to open inventory, “C” is used to know character information. A mouse is used to talk to the people and interact with objects in the world and “Esc key” is used to close or open the panel or menu. The graphics of the game are very interesting with bigger and tall buildings. It looks like real life and you can do everything you want and can get everything. New features in the second version of the game :

There are many new and interesting features in Stick RPG 2 when compared to its previous version. They include the display of time on the screen which helps us to go to the work on time and do other things. The second version allows the player not only to work, do the gym, go to the class or casino but also many new and interesting activities you can try. The design of the second version also differs from its previous version as it gives a view of the whole part of the city, unlike its previous version which is only a scene of a small part of the city with some buildings.



Which Stick RPG is better?
Stick RPG 1
5 Vote
Stick RPG 2
30 Vote

In case you are looking for hilarious and creative puzzle games, I have an awesome game for you – Superfighters Hacked.

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Test your reflexes with MX Vs ATV Reflex

Test your reflexes with MX Vs ATV Reflex

Posted on December 10, 2017  in Cars, Category, Controls of the game, How to play, Objective, Read info

Are you a dirt bike games addict? If the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this game – MX Vs ATV: Reflex, because it has everything you are looking for!


When it comes to the gameplay, the key focus is on riding motocross or supercross, but that’s not all! You have a chance to explore various events like free ride, omnicross, champion sport track, freestyle motocross and waypoint racing. This game (Text twist 2 puzzle) is featuring a new physics engine. What is so great about this game? The thing with this game is that the reflex system allows you to drive your motocross bike like you would in the real world! Not only that, there is real-time terrain deformation built in the game. This new feature allows you to carve into the ground and make berms,ruts or braking bumps, giving you the feel of real life driving experience! MX Vs ATV: Reflex was developed by Rainbow Studios and that is clear in every aspect of the game. If you want to find other dirt bike games check link which we have provided.


If you are thinking controls must take ages to figure out, don’t be so sure! MX Vs ATV: Reflex features new control scheme which is named ‘reflex’ and it utilizes both of your analog sticks. With the left analog you control the handlebars and with the right analog you control the rider’s body movement. Tricks and stunts are pretty simplified from the earlier versions, so all you need to do is hold the modifier control and use your right analog to make different combinations and flips. They are pretty easy to learn, but it takes time to master them.


MX Vs ATV: Reflex is available to play on Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Cloud (OnLive). What did other gamers think of this game? The overall reception was pretty good, since many people noticed the new physics engine and real-time terrain deformation and I must say that it reminds me of Happy Wheels you can find this game at official site if you are interested. It received a lot of praise for it’s new control scheme – most of the people find it amusing and easy to use! When it comes to the Metacritic overall score, this game gets 77 on the PS3 and 78 on the Xbox 360, which is pretty good for this type of the game.

General Impression
General Impression

Considering everything this game has to offer, and it has a lot, it definitely deserves a try. It has everything you are looking for and is among the top of the list of dirt bike games. Be ready to save some time for yourself and enjoy this great game. When you master all the stunts and tricks test your skills versus other players in an online battle in a public room. Recommend it to a friend and challenge them for a ride in a private room. If you aren’t that competitive, you can play mini games with up to 11 other players and just enjoy the game and have fun!

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Super Smash Flash 2

How to use different characters in winning Super Smash Flash 2

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SSF 2 is a popular brawling video game that includes both new and all-time favorite characters such as Mega man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Goku just to mention a few. The goal is to outwit and outmaneuver your enemy by making moves that are unique to your character. Below are tips on How To Win Super Smash Flash 2 using a variety of characters. In order to play this game use Google to find site.

Knuckles’s Strategy in SuperSmashFlash2
Knuckles’s Strategy in SuperSmashFlash2

Use the Down+P attack setting to constantly throw missile rocks at opponents. While doing this, ensure you change positions regularly when they begin closing in on you quick. Also try hard not to eliminate them while switching positions, since this can make antagonist respawn back on you. Attacks should only be made when facing the other player. In another game, in unblocked impossible quiz main strategy involves just creative thinking and nothing more, funny isn’t it?

Fox’s Strategy
Fox’s Strategy 

By pressing Forward+P, Fox will make an attack by dashing forward quickly at top speed. Ensure you get as near to your enemy as possible, this will help avoid long range hits from them and also make your attacks more effective. Even so, be careful not to dash over the cliff if the jump moves left are insufficient. If someone hits you really hard, there’s always the option of dashing fast to nullify that hit completely.

Lloyd’s Strategy
Lloyd’s Strategy  

Lloyd’s finisher is somewhat similar to Knuckles, though Down+P will initiate a ‘Demon Fang’ attack in this case. This attack has a better marks range than Knuckles’ rock and does not arc easily, meaning the enemy will feel damages instantly. Though sometimes it may require an extra hit or so before eliminating a foe. Inuyasha’s Strategy Initiate Inuyasha’s winning move by running around on the base platform using the regular forward smash move, use whichever weapons at your disposal to make this strategy even more effective. When your overall percentage ratio gets to 100 then jump repetitively till a heart container icon is displayed, this shows that healing has occurred.

Additionally, there are various bonuses that can be achieved in super smash flash 2 unblocked such as Bird of Prey (4000) which can be attained by doing repeated aerial attacks. Other bonuses include All Ground, Berserker, Smash King and Smash Maniac.

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Want to play solitaire with a twist Why not try Fairway Solitaire

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Fairway Solitaire is a video game that is based on the very popular card game, Solitaire. It was developed by Big Fish Studios and is distributed by Big Fish Games. The game is available on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It is available in single player mode. The game is available for download on Google play on android and iTunes for Apple. Online, one can play the game on the Kongregate web portal among other game sites.

Want to play solitaire with a twist Why not try Fairway SolitaireInstructions of the game
This game is presented to players as a modified type of solitaire that has a golf theme. Players use playing cards and golf clubs to clear the table, if you are not into card games you can play Doge miner 2. The main goal of the game is to clear through a collection of 70 courses with different challenges per course. When one challenge is met, it unlocks the next course enabling the player to advance. Players get rewarded trophies by completing different tasks and they also get prizes or in-game cash. They can also participate in daily challenges which win them trophies. Their scores are recorded and graded against all the other players on the matching platform and the statistics form the basis on achievements and awarding of trophies.

Each course has sand traps and water hazards which the player is expected to clear. Sand traps or sand cards are only revealed after the sand wedge card has been uncovered. The water hazards on the other hand, are special water cards that must be cleared off the board before the cards to the right can be exposed. The game has golf shops where players can pop in and buy equipment to help them play.

– If you don’t like such twisted version of the card games, here is simple one, just basic classic good old Solitaire.

this is how game look inside

Golf challenge with a twist
To make the game even more interesting, there is a character or gopher known as Gutsy McDivot. The gopher is hell-bent on getting revenge on golfers who he believes killed his ancestor, Bravetooth. McDivitt is seen making a contraption called Golfinator in cut scenes as one progresses in the game.

Controls of the game
The game is controlled by using the mouse. Just clicking on the cards places them on the foundation stack.

It is quite relaxing and at the same exciting playing a card game with golf them. The challenges make the game very interesting and entertaining too. You should try it if you haven’t already but be warned, it could be addictive.

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Linebacker 2 – what kind of game it is?

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Return Man – Linebacker 2 is a free online arcade football game that was developed by ESPN Arcade. It’s centered around, as the title so helpfully informed us, the linebacker. The game is all about defense. You, as the linebacker, are responsible for stopping the opposing team from scoring a touchdown. There is, however, a bit of a twist; you’re all alone and must dodge or fight with the running back’s linesmen and tackle the running back before he reaches the end zone. The game has three difficulties, power-ups, and even special moves! There are two control options that are selectable through the game’s options menu, and additionally, the arrow keys can always be used to move your player. By default, the movement keys are I (forward), J (left), K(backward), L (right), and the space bar is used to tackle. Additionally, the letters A, S, and D represent special moves that you can do, but only once per defensive stand, which acts as your player’s “lives”. (Special moves are progressively unlocked as you go through the levels.)

TIPS FOR BEGINNERS – When being held by one of the linesmen, tap the space bar to knock them down and get back to that running back.-The special moves give you bonus points, so make sure you use them! (That is, once you unlock them)-Pick up the power-ups on the field! They’ll help you get the tackle, and they’ll even rack up some bonus points for you.