Linebacker 2 – what kind of game it is?

Posted on March 28, 2019  in Category, Controls of the game, How to play, Online gaming, Read info, Sports

Return Man – Linebacker 2 is a free online arcade football game that was developed by ESPN Arcade. It’s centered around, as the title so helpfully informed us, the linebacker. The game is all about defense. You, as the linebacker, are responsible for stopping the opposing team from scoring a touchdown. There is, however, a bit of a twist; you’re all alone and must dodge or fight with the running back’s linesmen and tackle the running back before he reaches the end zone. The game has three difficulties, power-ups, and even special moves! There are two control options that are selectable through the game’s options menu, and additionally, the arrow keys can always be used to move your player. By default, the movement keys are I (forward), J (left), K(backward), L (right), and the space bar is used to tackle. Additionally, the letters A, S, and D represent special moves that you can do, but only once per defensive stand, which acts as your player’s “lives”. (Special moves are progressively unlocked as you go through the levels.)

TIPS FOR BEGINNERS – When being held by one of the linesmen, tap the space bar to knock them down and get back to that running back.-The special moves give you bonus points, so make sure you use them! (That is, once you unlock them)-Pick up the power-ups on the field! They’ll help you get the tackle, and they’ll even rack up some bonus points for you.


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