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Play Return Man 2 Online - masterpiece from ESPN Arcade

Play Return Man 2 Online – masterpiece from ESPN Arcade

Posted on July 24, 2018  in Category, Controls of the game, How to play, Online gaming, Read info, Sports

Return Man 2This is an interesting game that is categorized as a flash game. It is made with amazing graphics and this makes it a wonderful game to play.

Since the game is about American Football, the main objective is to run and get the end of the field holding the ball. At the same time, the player should avoid hitting defenders by use of team members to shield you against the opponents. There are several levels of the game and it is easy at the start but as the levels go high, more defenders are present to hinder you from achieving the goal. Therefore, the player has to be creative before making any move. The player gains special moves as they progress up the levels.

You may also play new trending puzzle game called Cubis 2. Game is free to play and can be found at http://cubis2.us/.

To Control players in Return Man 2 game, the following buttons are used:
[I] is used to Run Forward,
[K] is used to run backward while
[J] and [L] are used to run Left and Right respectively.
The [M] button is used to mute while the space-bar is used to continue playing.
To use the special moves, buttons [A], [S] and [D] are used.


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